Five steps to smarter online payments. See how quickly you could add G2A PAY to your store.

Start accepting 200+ global and local payment methods

At G2A PAY, we’ll help you grow your business globally right away. We’ve made the process of joining and integrating G2A PAY as streamlined and elegant as possible, so you can stay focused on the things that really matter, not endless back-and-forth with your payment provider.

Read on to see how simple it could be - and to get started.

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From application to accepting payments

Fill out the Merchant Application Form.

Our AML experts will verify your website

Once you’re accepted, sign and return your G2A PAY contract

When we receive your contract, we’ll activate your store so you can start your integration

Start accepting 200+ payment methods from the moment you’re done

What’s more, you can even get a sandbox merchant account so you can test how things work before you go live Request your activation from your Account Manager or our Business Support Team.

Speed meets security with two-step verification

While we know how important it is to start accepting payments, safety is our priority. That’s why we use an innovative two-step verification process that lets you get started sooner with additional verification as you grow.

Your first verification will take place during your integration. Then, once your store has processed €900 of transactions, a second verification captures some more-in depth information. You will be asked to validate the information you provided when you signed up, while our team will check that your website meets industry standards for customer protection.

 Following this simple verification, all limits on your account will be removed.

Expert support from marketing to management

There’s more to your expansion than payment processing. We’re your partner in global success, whatever it takes.

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