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Introduce G2A PAY to your customers

G2A PAY isn’t just good for your business - it’s great for your customers. With our help, they can start using the payment methods they already know and trust, making eCommerce a more enjoyable, frustration-free experience.

Once you’ve integrated G2A PAY, be sure to share the good news with your audience.

To make it easy, we’ve prepared some ready-to-use copy for your email blasts or social media updates.

Email copy

Our short, simple email messages are designed to quickly give your customers a reason to visit your website and check out what G2A PAY can do.



Option 1:

Pay using your favourite methods - introducing G2A PAY.

Option 2:

We now accept 200+ payment methods with G2A PAY.

Option 3:

Introducing more ways to pay thanks to G2A PAY.

Option 4:

Here’s a better way to pay - G2A PAY.


Option 1:

We’re always looking for new ways to improve your shopping experience. Now, with G2A PAY, it’s easier than ever to pay using whichever local or global payment method you prefer.

 Next time you visit (store name), you’ll see how G2A PAY:

     Gives you more than 200 payment methods to choose from

     Includes a streamlined checkout that makes payments quick and easy

     Offers incredible support for shopping on smartphones and tablets

 Enjoy your shopping!

Option 2:

We’re excited to announce that shopping with (store name) just got even better. Thanks to G2A PAY, we now accept 200+ online payment methods, including numerous global and local favourites.

Be sure to visit our website, explore our products, and see how much faster and easier G2A PAY makes it to make a purchase.

Social media communication

Tell your friends and followers about your transformed eCommerce experience - and spread the word about G2A PAY.

Option 1:

Introducing G2A PAY #G2APAY at @[yourcompany]! Your online shopping just got a whole lot easier!

Option 2:

We’ve added #G2APAY to (store name) - so you can checkout faster using 200+ payment methods

Option 3:

Thanks to G2A PAY #G2APAY, we now accept 200+ of your favourite online payment methods!

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