Shop with premium benefits. We will protect every transaction.

We bring together everything from online payment security, exclusive live chat access, cashbacks and more. So that you can enjoy your online shopping like never before.

How the G2A Shield Membership works for you:

Cashback up to 10%

Every time you pay for your online shopping on G2A.COM using your G2A Wallet. The cashback goes to your G2A Wallet.

One-contact resolution

Top-notch customer service to help customers solve any product related issue the first time they contact us.

Priority in Customer Support

Quick access to our Customer Support specialists. We answer every question. Always.

Online buyer protection

You can be sure that the ordered product will reach you. Having problems with a purchase? We provide immediate solutions to any potential issue.

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Additional G2A Shield Membership information

  • You don't pay until after the 30-Day Free trial ends. Then, only 1 euro (+VAT and fees) monthly.
  • No commitments. You can cancel your subscription at any time.
  • If you don't want to protect a purchase with G2A Shield, you can turn it off with a switch button during the payment process.
Please note: Cashbacks apply only with an activate G2A Shield monthly Membership.