Frequently asked questions

What kind of verticals/industries do G2A PAY support?

We do support: -Digital products, including: ▪ Digital art, ▪ Audio books ▪ Music ▪ E-magazines, e-books, e-learning materials and courses ▪ Manuals, guides, reports ▪ Software, streaming software ▪ Graphic materials, icons, fonts, templates ▪ Mobile/Web applications -Digital Services: ▪ Graphic designers, web designers ▪ Copywriters, translators ▪ Consultants, trainers, coaches ▪ Legal professionals ▪ Management, PR & consulting professionals ▪ Academic paper writers ▪ Marketing specialists ▪ Computer programmers, developers ▪ Market researchers ▪ Private investigators -Game products and services: ▪ Digital game codes ▪ Mobile games ▪ Online games ▪ Virtual in-game items and in-game currency ▪ Boosting or training services ▪ Game/VOIP servers -Gambling ▪ Government licensed on-line casinos/gambling ▪ Penny auctions/bidding fee auctions ▪ Sports betting/tipsters ▪ Lottery and contests -Apparel and accessories ▪Clothes and accessories ▪Costumes ▪Jewellery ▪Watches ▪Clocks and silverware ▪Wigs and toupees -Donations ▪Commercial donations ▪Non-profit organisations -Electronic and gadgets ▪Desktops, laptops, notebooks, monitors and projectors, peripherals, parts ▪Telecom equipment & sales cameras, camcorders, ▪Cell phones, PDAs, pagers ▪Small electronic accessories, gadgets ▪Home audio, household appliances, electronic equipment, ▪Electronic parts and/or accessories for the repair, construction or assembly of electronic equipment -Financial services & crowdfunding -Food and beverages: ▪Packed food and drink products ▪Canned, frozen, pre-packaged, and dry -Giftcards, vouchers -Manufactured goods: ▪Furniture ▪Home decor ▪Toys ▪Hobbies ▪Diy ▪Professional equipment ▪Tools -Travel: ▪Hotels ▪Travels ▪Tours ▪Tickets, ticket brokers