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OpenCart – payment gateway plugin

About OpenCart

OpenCart payment module is a free, open-source shopping cart solution full of features required to set up your own eCommerce store. The easy to use, responsive interface and a simple set-up process allows you to create your new store in just a few quick steps. With its completely customizable design and over 13,000 available extensions, OpenCart is perfect for eCommerce stores of any size. G2A PAY has partnered with OpenCart to let you access over 200 payment methods instantly within a single integration.

What is G2A PAY?

G2A PAY is an online payment solution that gives online merchants numerous benefits and provides them with simple eCommerce solutions.

What benefits does G2A PAY offer OpenCart users?

Merchants can reach international customers and start accepting online payments instantly.

Thanks to G2A PAY, the OpenCart online eCommerce businesses can offer their products and digital content to people from over 170 countries.

Getting started with G2A PAY gives them access to 19 million G2A Ballance users that already pay on other G2A PAY stores. Moreover, the integration is free and all you need is just one contract.

The G2A PAY extension for OpenCart also features a checkout translated into 20 languages and processes transactions in 80 currencies.

The G2A PAY shopping cart can also be adapted according with the unique needs of every brand. You can make changes to shopping cart page design and bring your brand to the checkout page offering a familiar buying experience to your customers.

The wide range of 200+ global and local payment methods allows store owners that use OpenCart to fully localize the checkout process . Therefore, except for PayPal, credit and debit cards, Skrill or bank transfers, they can offer many local ways to pay that change depending on the country.

In addition to plenty of online payment methods, G2A PAY also has other free eCommerce shopping cart features so your customers can buy your OpenCart store using any device.