G2A PAY and Trustly Integration


Good news! Trustly is now part of our payment ecosystem. From now on, you can use it as one of the available payment methods on G2A PAY.


Since 2008, Trustly grew from just a few people to over 350 qualified employees today! With nine offices in Europe and the Americas, Trustly is not only backed by the Nordic Capital – they also procesess more than 9 million payments per month!


As a Fintech company, Trustly’s mission is to make online bank payments convenient and secure by connecting consumers and merchants through their bank account – essentially the hub of people’s financial life!


Trustly in numbers: 9M processed payments monthly, used in 20+ different markets and around 600M customer reach.


Welcome onboard! ?

For more, go to this link: https://www.trustly.net/


Welcome onboard! ?

More details about Trustly on: https://www.trustly.net/