In every beginning, there is chaos


Hey. Do you know ZEN? It’s an app + payment card created by the experienced people and it’s really useful in online shopping.

  • Aren’t they similar to the other companies? There’s a lot like them on the market!

Hi guys. Here is a cool, new thing. Payment card made specifically for online shopping and cash handling and more. They got a trial as well.

  • What are the benefits then? Why do I need it?


When the chaos begins to take shape, and of course…

In response to the market needs, G2A PAY becomes: ZEN



What exactly is ZEN?


Zen is a complete money management service, connected to debit Mastercard made for online and offline shopping. It’s simple, easy to use and profitable.

What are the benefits?


It has several functions and “Zenefits”.

To list a few:

  • Year-extended warranty for the stuff you buy with ZEN (e.g your new iPhone)
  • ZEN Care – a shopping protection assistance (e.g if you received an “Ifun”, instead of iPhone)
  • No fees when you pay in foreign currencies (e.g buying the iPhone on Amazon)
  • Money management app (e.g You can save some cash for the iPhone)
  • Money transfers (e.g so your friend would like to kick in for your new iPhone)
  • Up to 15% cashback (e.g if you bought this iPhone on BangGood)

Zen for business


Especially e-commerce. It is worth to check what Zen has to offer to your business. Some of the benefits are really cool and unique.



Our Promise


Many years of G2A PAY experience in eCommerce and ZEN, which is rapidly developing in the area of E-money seems to be the exact response for what the recent European market needs. We are determined to fill this gap and present you with a completely new level of quality that will make a difference.



Where to go?



Iphone version: LINK

Android version: LINK