Within one decade, our phones have advanced from devices for making calls and playing Snake to mini-safes containing banking applications, all our correspondence and the most intimate details that we don’t really want to share. Securing mobile devices is nowadays just as important as securing a house or apartment. And it doesn’t require advanced IT knowledge at all.

What is biometrics?

Biometry is a technique that allows measurements of living beings, and in a more practical sense, a method of automatically recognizing people based on their physical characteristics. Biometric identification methods are based on the study of specific physical or behavioral features, i.e. behavioral (voice, writing, etc.). Interestingly, biometrics as an identification method can be used both as a key replacement or a traditional door card for a corporation, but also as an alternative to a phone pin or car key

A new way of identification

Biometrics is already entering our lives for good. Our bio data are used more and more often, including to log in to mobile devices or in banking. It’s just a matter of time to replace PINs and passwords with it. Europeans are positive about biometrics, according to Visa. Over two-thirds of consumers are interested in using it as an authentication method, especially in payments. The potential of these solutions is also seen in the estimates of the value of the global biometric market. According to the “Biometric System Market – Global Forecast to 2022” report, it will rise to $ 32.7 billion in 2022.




The uniqueness of fingerprints was combined with the need to protect privacy and this is how fingerprint readers were created. Initially expensive and hardly available, today you can find them on most smartphones available on the market. You can configure its unlocking using your fingerprint. In the Screen lock and security tab we find the Fingerprint option (to configure it we must first set an additional lock (PIN, password or pattern).

Voice Biometry

The timber of each of our voices is unique and unrepeatable. Therefore, it was considered that voice could also be the basis for effective verification. This is how voice biometrics was created, which uses both physical and individual speech characteristics. Accents, speaking speed and way of speaking are analyzed. In this way, even despite a throat disease, it is possible to verify a person’s identity. This technology is already well developed. It is used not only in business, but also increasingly in home conditions, e.g. in apartment management systems.

Facial Biometry

Facial biometry is a non-invasive and fast identification method. It uses measurements of specific features of its system. For example, the distance between the eyes and nose is analyzed. The use of eye properties is also associated with facial biometrics. The iris is one of the most unique human characteristics – it has more characteristic points than fingerprints. This identification method is used, among others in the latest smartphones. When scanning the eye’s retina, an image of the organ’s blood vessels is created. Then it is analyzed in terms of characteristic points.

Behavioral biometry

Authentication methods using behavioral biometry, i.e. based on the characteristic features of user behavior, are also gaining popularity. An example is even recognizing the timbre of typing on a person’s keyboard. Each of us has a unique style. It’s how fast we write, what breaks we make between keystrokes, how we press them – all these data are unique and can be used to identify a person. That’s why many companies have started working on solutions that use keyboard tracking.

2 – step verification

As we already know, data leaks and hacker attacks occur regularly. Therefore, a strong password is unfortunately not 100% working protection for our data. Two-step verification is a combination of two components: something you know (password, biometrics) and something you have (usually a phone or security key). Even if a hacker comes into possession of your password, he will still need a second “item” to hack the account.

Solutions of tomorrow available today

Along with technological progress, the presence of such solutions in our environment is growing. Their development is caused by the pursuit of user convenience, as well as the creation of increasingly better methods of user verification. It is a matter of time to use biometric solutions to an even greater extent.