We are happy to inform that Openbucks have just added Canada Post to their payments portfolio. Since now users will be able to load cash directly at a register to pay for items on G2A.

Openbucks has added an account called Openbucks balance, which users can top up with cash from any location in Canada Post to exchange it in the game. The traditional gift card payment methods is also still available.

Canada Post has over 6000 locations in Canada enabling customers to load cash directly at a Canada Post service location including Rexall, Pharmaprix, PharmaPlus, 7 Eleven and more.


How it works?

  1. User can choose to pay with traditional gift cards or choose to load their Openbucks balance with cash at a Canada Post location to redeem in-game
  2. Openbucks provides the customer instructions to load their Openbucks balance with cash or debit at a local Canada Post service location
  3. Canada Post cashieer will issue the customer a recepit and funds will be instantly available on their Openbucks balance to redeem in game (full or partial redeem)


More information can be found at: www.openbucks.com