Step 1. Register a Google Merchant Center account

Use the same email you registered for Google Ads, that way the linking if Merchant Center to the Google Ads account will be a matter of few clicks and you can use a single email login to both platforma.

  • Connect you Google Ads account
  • Claim and verify your webshop’s domain
  • Setup you shipping and tax rates

Step 2. Create and submit your first data feed.

Do not forget to include all the required data feed attributes such as the item ID, title, description link, image link, condition, availability, price, brand, GTIN ( if you don’t have a unique identifier for a product, then use identifier exists attribute and set the value to FALSE). Upload your feed. You need to make sure that your feed is updated at least every 30 days. The more often you update the feed, the better result you may expect


Step 3. Implement eCommerce conversion tracking


Step 4. Setup and launch your Google shopping campaign

Organize your inventory by creating a proper structure of product groups. You can segment them by item ID, brand, category, product type, custom labels or condition.

Monitor and optimize. Adjust your bid based impression share and return an ad spend. Monitor your search terms report and add negative keywords to prevent wasting money on irrelevant search queries.

Step 5. Never stop learning