The biggest advantage of modern technology is undoubtedly the option of shopping without leaving your home. Recently, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of online transactions carried out using mobile devices. This is confirmed by “eMarketer” report carried out in Great Britain. According to which, in July 2019, 31% Internet users shopped via mobile devices. However, many people are still concerned about the security of online transactions.


Having above mentioned information in mind let’s focus now on main concern that people have concerning online purchase which is “security”. What to do in order to stay safe on the web? How to shop securely? Let’s have a look on some valuable tips!


To avoid potentially dangerous situations, you should follow a few simple rules regarding the network itself and the devices you use:

  • connect to the bank only if the connection is password protected
  • always check whether the bank’s website address has a so-called padlock (https certificate)
  • avoid public Wi-Fi networks
  • give your router a strong password, do not use birthdays or other equally simple combinations of numbers or letters.


Currently, there is a radical increase in the amount of malware targeted on mobile devices, which is why updated anti-virus protection should be a priority for users. Even before you start shopping online, you should have the right security software installed. Especially valuable are those that offer application scanning and blocking of suspicious websites and which automatically download updates and provide data protection on a lost device.


Search for the entrepreneur’s full contact details on the online store website. If it allows personal pickup, it’s a sign that there is nothing to hide. Providing only an email, phone number or mailbox number in most cases is not enough to consider that the seller is safe and reliable.




It is always worth to choose cards issued by banks that have implemented 3D Secure, i.e. additional password authorization for online transactions. After entering the card details on the store’s website, you will be additionally asked to enter the password that was texted to you. If the password is incorrect, the transaction will not be completed, which may work as prevent from unauthorized access.


Using a credit card the safest way for online shopping. If you buy something from a shady site using a debit card, check, or cash, there’s no way to get your money back. If you use a credit card, the card companies have to reimburse you for fraudulent charges under the Fair Credit Billing Act. But they can’t always catch all purchases you didn’t make or receive, so it’s up to you to keep an eye on your statements


Every day, commercial offers of stores selling clothes of well-known brands, electronic equipment and luxury cosmetics are sent to our e-mail boxes. If you are interested in purchasing one of their products, do not enter the entrepreneur’s website via the link provided in the email, but enter the store name in the search engine and click. Remember that cyber-fraudsters who have previously set up a website that looks confusingly similar to a store’s website can impersonate a known store. In this way, phishers are trying to extort money for “branded goods” that you’ll never receive.


In case that someone requests payment in advance and provides only one payment option, it may be very risky to use it. Trusted websites usually offer many different payment options, the most popular of which are credit cards and fast, direct payments through various financial institutions. Payment operators who support online sellers often offer additional buyer protection programs.


After completing the account-related activities, be sure to log out so that unauthorized person do not gain access to it. It’s apparently a simple task to perform, although many people have tendency to forget about it.


Until the transaction is completed successfully and you are satisfied with the goods received, just in case, keep all possible correspondence with the seller. It may be extremely helpful in case of a complain.



All the presented tips can help you to stay safe online. However the best one is to keep your common sense and act wisely in the digital jungle called internet. If you bay any “luck” fall victim to a cheater anyway, write about it in the forum, give the seller a negative opinion. Also contact the purchasing portal, as this will eliminate the dishonest seller. It will be a warning for the following Internet users. Commenting a fortunate transaction may also help to promote honest entrepreneurs.